Presentation on falcolning by an experienced falconer.
Apr 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Audrey Sohikian, Facolner
Presentation on falcolning by an experienced falconer.
Audrey Sohikian is a licensed falconer. Falconry is an ancient sport which entails the taking of wild game in its natural habitat by the means of a trained raptor. Currently, she is finishing up her first year as an apprentice falconer with a juvenile male red-tailed hawk, who she's trained to be a skilled and successful hunter. She is a 2014 graduate from Humboldt State University with a B.S. in wildlife biology. After graduation she says: "I utilized my degree and passion for wildlife by becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in northern New Mexico. During my time there, I developed the skills to raise and take care of a variety of animals, but raptors ultimately stole my heart so I decided to focus my career in specializing with birds of prey. I am very excited to share my passion of falconry with you and give you an insight on just how spectacular raptors truly are!