Polio fundraising for San Marcos Rotary. An unusual event to raise money for polio vaccinations. The money raised is matched 2:1 by the Gates Foundation. If we raise $3000 it becomes $9000 with the match. According to the Rotary Foundation, it currently costs 60 cents to vaccinate one child against polio. So $3000 vaccinates 5000 and with the Gates match that would be 15,000 children vaccinated
If you don't care to participate in this event, you are most welcome to send donations to the Rotary Club of San Marcos, PO Box 581, San Marcos TX 78667. On the memo line put POLIO.
P.S. Rotary has vaccinated more than 2 billion children in the past 35 years. The fight is almost won. Only two countries have polio cases right now. Help eradicate this terrible disease.