Katie Deolloz shares Death Race experiences
Katie Smith Deolloz participated in the Spartan Death Race in the Green Mountains of Vermont a week ago. She discusses that experience at the Rotary Club of San Marcos meeting on Wednesday, July 13 at noon.
The Spartan Death Race has been described as the world’s toughest race. In the past ten years only 10 percent of racers have completed it. This year all but three got eliminated. The race lasts 70 hours.
“The Spartan Death Race is formidable. I was woefully unqualified to participate, but I showed up anyhow. It changed my life in ways I did not anticipate,” Deolloz said.
“When do you know you’re taking part in the Spartan Death Race? About the time you are flat on your belly, vomiting for the second time in less than thirty minutes, whilst being log-rolled over by perfect strangers. Yep. And that’s just the beginning,” she added.
Deolloz is very physically fit. She founded WalkSMTX out of a passion to merge the need for people to live more physically active lifestyles with advocacy for safe places in which to move. Her dream is to see San Marcos transformed into America’s most walkable city. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Deolloz is an integrative health coach. She has served on the boards of Vision Zero ATX and Walk Austin, Relatively new to San Marcos, she is a new member of both the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance and San Marcos Rotary Club.
Rotary meets at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center, 105 Bintu Drive, San Marcos. Visitors are always welcome. Rotary is nonprofit, nonreligious, and nonpolitical. Every week it has interesting speakers addressing a wide variety of local and global topics.

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