SMTX Rotary Awards 11 Scholarships
San Marcos, TX – May 20 -- The Rotary Club of San Marcos awarded $20,750 in scholarships this spring to Academy, SMCISD High School, and Hill Country Christian School seniors. San Marcos Academy senior, Evan Schawe, received a scholarship on April 28 in a ceremony at the Academy.
On May 13, San Marcos High School seniors received their scholarships, including Claire Elias, Angela Hernandez, Adriana Magee, Nakul Patel, Kiarissa Ugalde, and Mia Wilson. Two other SMHS students received Rotary scholarships that were jointly supported by the H.Y. Price Foundation, Nathan Kinsey and Isaiah Manuel Medellin. Malayla DeBardeleben, at SMHS, received a scholarship funded jointly by Rotary and students at Travis Elementary School, where DeBardeleben attended elementary school. Students at Travis raise money each year to give a scholarship to a former student, and the Rotary Club matches whatever they raise.
The final Rotary scholarship for this year was awarded to Holly Prestage at Hill Country Christian School on May 20.
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