Rotary of San Marcos created

One Hundred Years Ago…November 1921

Initial discussions for the establishment of a Rotary Club in San Marcos were held at the Hofheinz Hotel during a luncheon of local businessmen on August 4, 1921. Guests at the luncheon were representatives from the Austin, Belton and Waco Chapters of Rotarians.
Fast forward three months to the evening of November 3 rd when thirty Austin Rotarians traveled to San Marcos for the installation of twenty-five charter members into the San Marcos Rotary Club. The dinner/meeting was held at the Post Office Café. W.H. Richardson, Jr. from the Austin Rotary delegation chaired the ceremonies as businessmen from San Marcos were inducted into the Rotary Association. After adopting the constitution and by-laws of the International
Association of Rotary Clubs, officers were elected – Dr. Lovard L. Lee, Jr. was elected president and John W. Gantt, was elected secretary-treasurer; Directors were Lovard L. Lee, Edward M. Cape, John W. Gantt, Tom C. Johnson, and Homer R. Blair. Weekly meetings were held each Wednesday at the Post Office Café.
On January, 11, 1922, members of the San Marcos Rotary Club gathered together with Rotarians from Austin and San Antonio for dinner at the Normal School dining room for formal presentation of the San Marcos club’s charter. (The official charter of the club from Rotary International is dated December 1, 1921.)
The photos depict the San Marcos Rotary Club celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Rotary International during a banquet on February 24, 1955. The banquet was held at the Commons
dining room on the SWTTC campus. Tom C. Johnson and Edward M. Cape - two charter members of the 1921 Rotary Club were honored. A dance program was presented by SWTTC students representing Spanish and Scottish dances symbolizing the international aspects of Rotary. The cake was a present from HEB and served at the conclusion of the dinner/program. Over one hundred members of the Rotary Club along with members of the Kiwanis, Lions and Exchange Clubs joined with the Rotary Club in celebration.


Research and story by Beth Grayson

Sources: San Marcos Free Press Newspaper 8/12/1921, 11/11/1921, 12/9/1921, 1/13/1922; TXST and San Marcos Record Newspaper 3/4/1955.